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Must have baby items recommended by moms who know.
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Lets face it. Gone are the days where you can wait until one week before you have a baby to buy some onesies, a bottle, and throw your baby in a drawer to sleep in. Babies are high-maintenance creatures that take a lot of preparation. Too often do I hear of mommies waiting until the last minute to outfit their nurseries. And how does the mommy community operate? Word of mouth.

I created this community for the following purposes:

1. To help panicking mommies at the end of their pregnancy get the essentials they need to bring the baby home.
2. Help prepared mommies make sure they have everything they need.
3. Offer explanations of good products that you use and would recommend to other mommies.
4. Offer explanations of bad products that you used and would not recommend to others.

** This community is for any childhood products, from birth to about 12. It also may be used for products for postpartum or pregnancy.

No one has to introduce themselves in this community, this is free and open to anyone who needs help or would like to offer it.

Only a few rules.

1. In no way should this be used to degrade a particular product, company, etc. If you used a product and did not like it/did not find it useful, then explain what the product is and why. Just because you couldn't use it, doesn't mean someone else hasn't used it and it worked fine. Offer your opinions, but don't expect it to be taken as fact.

2. Product evaluations are to be posted in the following format:

- Name of product (brand name or generic name)
- Number of stars you give this product (* being worst and ***** being best)
- Why this product did/did not work for you

If you're posting about a product with multiple uses, such as a travel system, you must put the brand name that you used. There's a million different types of travel systems and you can't say that "a travel system didn't work for me." Be as specific as possible.

3. Try to refrain from typing in txt/IM lingo. These posts are to be effiecient, and no one wants to decipher a post or comment. "i c u" is an intensive care unit, not a substitute for "I see you."

4. This community is not to promote or advertise any one particular product. If you recommend a product, you're only giving a good word to other mommies as you would if you were having a conversation with someone. We're "not for profit."

5. Do not use this community in any other way than specified. If you want to talk about anything other than baby/toddler/mommy products, then find another community for such a purpose. Images are allowed, but only if it applies to the post, and the post applies to the community.

6. Failure to adhere to all these rules (except #2) will result in your removal from the community. This also applies to respecting other peoples' opinions.

A list is being compiled - The Ultimate New Mommy Checklist - that will eventually be posted and committed to memories. Coming soon. Give me time.