Marta (marta128) wrote in baby_must_haves,

Monitor Recommendations

Hello Everyone! I was wondering if anyone had any recommendations of monitors that they really liked. I'm currently on the lookout to buy one and all the online reviews are so contradictory that I want to minimalize that and just go with one "authority" which will be you guys!
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What kind of place do you live in? It makes a difference. I chose not to use a monitor, even though we live in a three bedroom house. Sound travels well through our house, so I can hear the baby no matter what room I'm in.

So really, that'd be step 1 in finding a monitor. Otherwise, some other ladies are going to have to help you out!
We live in an apartment so its not that big of a space, its two bedroom and the bedrooms are on opposite sides. If its night I feel like we'd be able to hear the baby fine, but there's always something on when we're awake; tv, radio, etc, and I want to make sure we can hear the baby over that.