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Disposable diaper brands

We haven't tried EVERY diaper brand available, but sometimes it feels we've come pretty close to it. :) This is a list of our experiences with various brands - your mileage will, of course, vary.

For C, a boy, with a flat rump, round belly, and giant thighs:

Huggies leaked all over the place and the "baby shape" wasn't at all C's shape, they fit him very awkwardly.

Pampers Baby Dry fit well, and almost never leak.

Pampers Swaddlers never fit C very well, they were just the wrong shape and leaked a lot.

Parents Choice (Walmart) are the most plastic and least breathable of any disposable we've tried, the leg elastic isn't very good, and while the packaging talks about stretchy tabs for a better fit ... they don't stretch.

White Cloud sizing runs HUGE, like a whole size bigger than Pampers/Huggies HUGE.

Western Family, President's Choice (Fred Meyer), Kroger generic : we HATED them all, they leaked like sieves.

Luvs sizing tends to run smaller than Pampers and Huggies, and they leaked like mad with C.

Safeway Ultra-Stretch, Dry 'N' Happy, and Target store brand are essentially Pampers Baby Dry clones - they fit the same and look the same as Baby Dry, same lack of leakage for us.

Safeway sells a generic disposable diaper doubler that I'm thinking of trying with C at night - I'm not sure whether it's still got the same stay-dry kind of action that the diapers do, though. Anyone ever tried them or anything like them? Cloth doublers aren't an option for us, C's skin is enormously sensitive to dampness.
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